Urban Farming

Urban Farming: Future Food and Economic Security

For nearly sixty years, the poet, environmentalist and farmer Wendell Berry has been championing agriculture that is local, culturally and contextually relevant, and that fosters a deep connection between people, community, food and the land. Berry famously declared that “eating is an agricultural act,” implying we are all actively participating in agriculture, in our daily lives.

Urban farming, often confused with community gardening, homesteading or subsistence farming, has a distinguishing point that assumes a level of commerce activity as opposed to personal consumption. Basically, growing, processing and distribution of food crops and products – by and for the local community – within an urban environment. In fact, urban farms can be the front line of the food system.

At URBAN RENEWABLES, we look at all possibilities of urban farming for both economic and food security. Whether it is greenhouse farming or vertical farming, we work with partners to integrate smart controls and sensors in built environment to monitor variables that will ensure urban farms produce yields that greatly exceed conventional option, not only for improved food and health access, but also for-profit intent in communities.


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