Energy Storage

Energy Storage Systems: The Connection To Different Energy Needs

With major decarbonization efforts and the scaling up of renewable power generation, the widespread adoption of energy storage solution continues to be described as the key game changer for electricity systems. Affordable energy storage system is a critical missing link between intermittent renewable power generator, and reliability in a net-zero carbon scenario. Such systems act as back-up for future use, to provide flexibility and round-the-clock stability to the grid’s power network by rapidly responding to its fluctuations. It can then improve the management of distribution networks, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

URABN RENEWABLES targets to establish optimized energy storage systems at plant level that improve the peak regulation ability of the CHP units. These technologies implementation also allow flexible sector coupling with heating/cooling networks and mobility applications, maximising energy savings, emissions reductions and benefiting the regional power grid. Essentially, relieving local distribution grids and raise the usable share of renewables.


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