District Cooling

District Cooling System: Cleaner Cooling Solution To Cities’ Mandatory Needs.

Functionally and technically, district cooling is similar to District Heating. It is a network produces chilled water within a centralised energy plant and distributes it through underground pipes to buildings connected to the system and provides them for indoor cooling purposes (air-conditioning). It can run on local natural resources like sea water, or from chillers running on steam or electricity, which makes it an environmentally friendly option. Besides, it reduces cooling energy consumption by 50% through higher energy utilization, and is also a reliable and highly secure source of cooling.


Especially with CO2 reduction being prioritized on political agendas, district cooling is becoming more and more relevant as the need for clean cooling increases worldwide. URBAN RENEWABLES will develop and invest in such system, that can reach an efficiency rate typically 5 or even 10 times higher than a traditional cooling system. With its combination of renewable and surplus energies, it emits significantly less CO2 and no hazardous refrigerants, exactly how we can do better for our cities to meet their mandatory needs.


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