Frequently Asked Questions


URBAN RENEWABLES is an investment company that focuses on the development of sustainable energy solutions in cities around the world.

What is the goal of URBAN RENEWABLES?

URBAN RENEWABLES aims to (em)power cities with sustainable energy solutions that meet the energy needs of its residents and local corporates. We strive to maximize cities' enormous potential of self-reliance and to join the global drive of creating sustainable communities, in order to accelerate the world on a path towards net-zero  emissions by 2050. We envision a climate resilient world for mankind to live in.

Are renewable energy projects good investments?

YES, specifically, solutions in urban areas. Firstly, the time to ride on the waves is now, especially after Covid-19 pandemic, the world has awakened and recognizes the significant value of a clean environment. Secondly, not to mention, the reassurance by recent aggressive climate change impacts which have destroyed lives in many ways, with the worst bushfires of all time, highest percentage of CO2 ever recorded, drastic and unpredictable change of temperatures, melted glaciers to a stage of no return, floods, massive amount of homes and lives lost, just to name a few. However, the paradigm has shifted, and the world is accelerating towards a new direction. Jointly, we can make a change by investing in urban renewable energy projects which, not only provide higher returns compared to typical savings account from the bank but they also create profits and businesses in the society; help towards energy conservation; as well as, reduce energy costs for retailers and consumers. These are some of the benefits for you and your community. Essentially, it is an investment positively impacting your living environment.

How does community collaboration works?

URBAN RENEWABLES will launch a range of renewable energy projects, supported by crowdfunding initiatives. Communities can engage their own energy transition by investing through our crowdfund platform partners.