Meet The Visionaries

Deeply concerned about the accelerating impacts of climate change, a dynamic team of diverse individuals are united by a common purpose and goal, of which, formed URBAN RENEWABLES. The team works relentlessly with industry leaders to create the most effective and efficient solutions, and investment opportunities for people to make a difference to their homes and their future. Building on their model of 3Ps — Public + Private + People — where government and institutional co-operation collaborates with the cities’ mass residents. The URBAN RENEWABLES team encourages transition, expansion and enhancement of the clean energy world, while driving business for society.


Edgare Kerkwijk

Managing Director

Acquired over 15 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, Edgare, currently holds several positions in companies and industry bodies within Asia. For instance, he is the Managing Director at Asia Green Capital since 2006; he is also a board member of 2 associations, namely, Asia Wind Energy and Asia-Pacific Hydrogen based in Singapore. Edgare’s myriad career experiences involved founding and partnering companies in the energy sector, as well as, advising on a wide range of corporate finance and M&A transactions in the banking and finance industry within Europe and Asia.


Patricia Eng

General Manager / Marketing Director

An explorer born in a metropolis, her curiosity, willingness to learn and versatile nature are Patricia’s key attributes that made her an all-rounder, specifically, in the scenes of visual communication, design, creative production, and PR. Her experiences involved on-camera presence, event co-ordination, e-commerce as well as brick and mortar development. As an extreme-adventure sports person, mother earth is a fundamental luxury. The extension of her passion in seeking balance, growth and knowledge in the embrace of nature and wildlife, and advocation in urgent climate mitigation led her to one of the most crucial industry.


Suen Bohn

Business Development Director

Leveraging strong agility and analytical capabilities, Suen is highly skilled at fostering strategic partnerships. She has 20 years of professional experience leading high-growth B2B & B2C brands across multi-industries, with primary focus on business development, sales & marketing, CRM and investor relations. A motivated entrepreneur, she is adept at capitalising on operations and change leadership to transformational results. Her recent career high was revenue diversification through ground breaking cash-flow expansion from acquisition into bird’s nest industry producing 120% revenue growth.


Ben Lee

Solar Project Development Director

With over 8 years of experience, acquiring wealth of knowledge extensively in both technical engineering and financial analysis in the renewable energy sector, Ben has helped various companies secured and implemented projects successfully within Asia. Locally, he contributed his expertise in bidding for projects, such as, HDB SolarNova 2, JTC SolarLand, iTrust SUTD EPIC Lab and many others across the island. Recently, Ben also won the China-ASEAN New Smart City Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition in Urban Farming, as well as, claiming Top 60 position in NTU’s Ideasinc competition for energy efficiency. Ben overlooks all solar PV projects.


Chow Jia Hui

Business Development Associate

self-driven and motivated learner, Jiahui strives to live a purposeful life. While studying Material Science Engineering with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, she also works on a project that involves the use of plant proteins to form polymers, plastic, to achieve a more sustainable material. Her strong interest led her venturing into renewable energy industry, where she helps URBAN RENEWABLES to develop and establish more relationships across target markets and create greater positive impacts on the environment.


Lim Kang

Business Development Associate

A highly motivated individual major in Material Science and Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, Lim Kang possesses thorough knowledge in material properties and behaviours, as well as processing and characterization methods. As a material engineer, he is able to provide expertise in materials for real-world applications. With a curious nature and passion for a cleaner and greener environment, Kang seeks betterment and/or change through innovative and sustainable solutions in the renewable energy sector.



Team Development Associate

The cat in a bag, who possesses persistent will and ability to open doors, gets into any bag and make it home. Charlie is an experienced secret service cagent (cat agent), specializes in rescuing fellow mates behind closed doors. Alongside the establishment of the company, he begins cultivating a plant-based diet (not-so) secretly. He sits in for meetings occasionally, when mission-to-bags fails. The acquisition and deployment of his affection is very similar to a dog. Team studies proved it to be positive.