URBAN RENEWABLES helps cities develop sustainable energy solutions to pursue growth and create sustainability within their economies, in an uncertain and volatile environment. In order to manage quests for a more sustainable environment in urban areas, we bring distinctive propositions to our investment and development activities. Our team consists of individuals with extensive experience in energy strategy, investment banking and sustainability issues knowledge.


Our modus operandus follows a distinctive approach:

    • Analysis:
      We identify projects for renewable energy systems in any local environment.


    • Execution:
      We carry out diligence in dynamic mapping of energy vectors and associated financial viability plan.


    • Funding:
      We activate a critical mass of local stakeholders, individuals and/or corporates, through crowdfunding and/or institutional investors.


    • Transformation:
      We work with industry-leading partners to implement the best ideas that create and deliver values, as well as, community benefits.