Mankind has been innovating ways to power our lives for thousands of years. Our technology to produce energy (from wood to coal to oil) has become increasingly efficient, while unceasingly creating damages to the planet. These energy transitions can take centuries, and unfortunately, we do not have hundreds of years to wait. Climate change is a present crisis that needs immediate attention; it is harming the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people, and the ultimate existence of our plant. The world must accelerate the cycle of innovation to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.


A climate resilient world for mankind to live, of which, powers solely by renewable energy; living in cities become sustainable and self-reliant.


Empower cities with renewable energy innovations and sustainable investment opportunities through collective community engagement.


The foundation of URBAN RENEWABLES’ culture and investment philosophy is greatly based on the following:


      • Integrity

        We work with trust, transparency, honesty, and accountability. It is utmost important for us to be open, ethical, and fair.


      • Innovation

        We constantly look out for technological innovations and advancement, to better prepare for potential developments and investments opportunities that focus on bringing growth, transformation and business.


      • Commitment

        We strive to exceed expectations. Essentially, we feel most passionate about what we do every day — helping cities unlock their full potential in renewable energy — to make this world more liveable.


      • Sustainability

        We take social and environmental responsibilities seriously. Placing great emphasis on ethical and environmental practices, creating long-term positive values to balance people, environment and profit.


      • Teamwork

        We work in ways that capture the collaborative efforts of everyone; we value new thinking, opportunities, ideas, and the power of teamwork in order to make the dream works.