About Us

Reshaping the Future of Energy in Cities

The world is stepping up, as the scale of climate change becomes more evident; cities are challenged to speed up in the adaptation of sustainable energy technologies in order to reduce their reliance on fossil fuel-based large-scale power facilities. URBAN RENEWABLES was established to develop and invest in sustainable energy solutions for the betterment of urbanization, with the aim to provide opportunities for communities to participate and invest in the energy transition of their own cities.


Our forward-thinking model allows cities to maximize their enormous potential of using local sustainable resources, and become part of the global efforts to create sustainability in communities. Our belief is that everyday people have the power to transform their cities’ energy networks too. More than just creating businesses and job opportunities for society, they also reap attractive rewards with high investment returns while improving the state of sustainable living for communities. Magic happens when we stand together, all individuals and corporates can now involve and invest in renewable energy solutions and help achieve their cities’ net-zero emission goals.